Phase III Tea Cocktail

I love tea. I not only drink tea but use tea as an ingredient in creating cocktails, mock-tails, and desserts. My tea of choice is from SerendipiTea. This cocktail “Phase III” uses only three ingredients; Fresh Phrase tea from SerendipiTea, Strawberry Moscato, and Lime bitters. It is light, refreshing and good any time of the year. I hope you try it.

Phase III
2 ounces SerendipiTea’s Fresh Phase tea – chilled
3 ounces Strawberry Moscato – chilled
2-3 dashes Lime Bitters

Pour tea, Moscato, and bitters in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime slice (optional)

Brew 2 teaspoons of tea with 6 ounces of 180 degree water for three minutes. Strain. Chill.

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