Matcha Tea Meditation Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to create contentment and reflection. We use simplicity - tea, flowers and words to produce inner clarity and peace.

How is this achieved?

Step One
The simple act of making a bowl of tea can center our thoughts. We measure the tea; wait for the water to heat to the right temperature. Slowly we pour the water, wisk the tea, and then sip. In this time we can observe nature and contemplate the mysteries of being.


Step Two
This workshop is inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony and other practices of mindfulness. The simple act of making tea can become a meditation - a time for peace, clarity and focus. The meditation can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour.

Step Three
Included in the workshop is a tea ceremony demonstration, hands on experience in creating a small flower arrangement, designing inspiration cards, and making and sipping tea.

Participants leave with a basic knowledge of tea meditation. They will also receive a tea bowl, a bamboo scoop and wisk and a tin of matcha tea. No prior knowledge of meditation is necessary.


Step 4
This workshop is priced per person.

For more information on fees, supplies required and any other questions please contact


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