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Giving a Lecturetea pots and tea tastings
Judith Krall-Russo has studied the fascinating and rich history behind homegrown foods and exotic teas. She shares her knowledge by telling wonderful stories, laced with humor and surprising detail that make us appreciate and have an even greater taste for our New Jersey cuisine. Whether she is telling us about the Jersey tomato, luscious blueberries or her beloved and delightful teas, Judith entertains and inspires her listeners.

You will want to rediscover an old family cookbook, a unique recipe or find yourself a new teapot so you can brew some loose leaf tea for close friends.

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Historian, educator, speaker, and restaurant consultant — Judith Krall-Russo enriches her unique food programs with surprising facts and hints that you will be eager to take with you. Her continued interest, research and education in the field, guarantees an unforgettable session for each member of the audience. Be sure to check Judith’s complete list of programs and calendar of events for upcoming programs in your area.

Interview: To see my interview, view this video on YouTube, posted July 16, 2013.

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